Wagyu More

All-You-Can-Eat Japanese Shabu-Shabu Buffet Restaurant

We are an All-You-Can-Eat Japanese Shabu-Shabu Buffet restaurant where diners are spoiled for choices with our unlimited supply of beef, pork, chicken as well as a variety of vegetables, hot food, sushi, meatballs, drinks and desserts.

We source and handpick top-quality ingredients as we strive to provide top-notch dining experience for our customers.

Wagyu More also creates unique dining experience by providing the best dining excursion with the Premium Buffet packages of Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef, Spanish Iberico Pork and Australian Wagyu Beef.

In Wagyu More, we serve eight varieties of soup base: Kombu, Sukiyaki, Miso, Tomato, Pork Bone, Spicy Pork Bone, Kimchi and Japanese Curry.